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Top 5 ideal partners for Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus

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Time to talk about the Top 5 ideal attacking partners for Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus, the most viable and efficient targets for the summer.

As we all know, Juventus is currently trying to get the best possible attacking partners for Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus for next season.

The current year wasn’t like the club’s board expected and they realized that Ronaldo needed teammates with higher quality than the ones he has.

The Portuguese forward agreed to remain at the club for one more season as long as the board committed to bringing him the ideal partners for the upcoming season.

This could be the last chance that Juventus gets to keep Cristiano Ronaldo for a few more years during the twilight of his career, they want to make it count.

This is why we give you, the Top 5 ideal attacking partners for Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus.

5.- Mesut Ozil

Even though the German playmaker isn’t as great of a player as he was in previous seasons, he has a special kind of chemistry with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Together at Real Madrid, both players were integral parts of the most prolific squad in the club’s history.

They conquered La Liga during the 2011-12 season with 100 points, Ozil served many assists to Cristiano that season and they formed an unbreakable bond.

Ronaldo was left heartbroken when Ozil left the Spanish giants to play for Arsenal and he would love to play alongside him again.

This wouldn’t be much of a problem for Juventus because Ozil is only worth €35 million according to Transfermarkt.

4.- James Rodriguez


The Colombian playmaker will be one of the most requested players in the upcoming transfer window, he also has a good relationship with Ronaldo.

The Portuguese player would benefit from James’ passes and he is the ideal talent who can enhance Cristiano’s new role as a centre-forward.

James is currently in a tough situation with Real Madrid because he just finished his loan at Bayern Munich and he has to return this summer.

The options for the Colombian player are many but Juventus is certainly one of the most attractive destinations for him to continue his career.

3.- Alexis Sanchez

Even though Alexis Sanchez isn’t widely considered as a top player at the moment due to his poor form at Manchester United, Italian football has a fond memory of him.

Between 2006 and 2011, Sanchez actually performed his best football when he played at Udinese and that’s the reason FC Barcelona signed him in the first place.

The Chilean player is in urgent need of a second chance as a professional, which could come from Italian football next to Cristiano Ronaldo.

As a winger for the Italian giants, Sanchez could easily make a fantastic attacking duo next to the Portuguese forward as they could switch positions without a problem.

2.- Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian forward might be thinking about leaving Liverpool after another failed Premier League season, he could actually seek fortune at Juventus.

If Mo Salah wins the Champions League this season, this could open a huge door for him in the transfer market this summer and Liverpool wouldn’t mind getting a huge payday for him.

Playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo would instantly transform Juventus into a title contender for all the competitions.

Salah has the ability to play everywhere on the frontline and he can help Ronaldo score many goals with his passing skills.

We are convinced that Cristiano would love having a player like Salah playing alongside him next season.

1.- Joao Felix

We believe that Joao Felix is actually the best choice that Juventus has to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

A frontline formed by Felix, CR7, and Moise Kean would destroy any opposition they face next season.

The Portugues youngster would be thrilled to play alongside his compatriot and Ronaldo would take this opportunity to mentor him.

Juventus is already looking into this possibility with Benfica but there is nothing set in stone yet.

Ronaldo needs the best possible partners he can get for next season, Felix certainly fits the profile of what the Old Lady is looking for the upcoming transfer window.

Which of these players do you think could help Cristiano Ronaldo win the Champions League next season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.