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Top 5 ideal partners for Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal

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Ahead of the busy summer that is coming for Portugal, we have to talk about the Top 5 most ideal partners for captain Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even though we know that Cristiano Ronaldo’s retirement from Portugal is happening in a few years, he still has some years left at the top of his game.

The squad already won the European Championship in 2016 with a base of players who are still part of the squad that is playing the UEFA Nations League.

This tournament has Portugal as the main host, they will face Switzerland in the semifinals.

This competition is the very first of its name, one that all the teams involved will obviously want to win.

The hosts are considered favorites to reach the final, but winning the competitions means going through either Holland or England.

Portugal would face one of these two national teams if they beat the Swiss side.

Ronaldo is the most important player for the Portuguese, but we decided to tell you about the Top 5 ideal partners he will have over the next few years before he retires.