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Top 5 international trios from the American continent

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Now that we’ve talked about the trios in Europe, it’s only fair that we talk about the Top 5 international trios from the American continent.

After our Top 5 list of the best European attacking trios right now, it’s time we show some love for the ones coming from the American continent.

Before we go into more detail, we need to acknowledge the deplorable state in which the national teams from this continent currently are.

Let’s take the only team that played a World Cup in recent years that came from the Americas: Argentina.

A nation that got to the 2014 final while they still had Lionel Messi at his very best, but they were infinitely weaker than the Germans.

In fact, this Argentina side reached the final by playing overly defensive football and they never really deserved to win the competition.

The rest of the teams from the continent are not in a better state, perhaps only Brazil has shown signs of improvement over the last five years.

With this in mind, we are still bringing you the Top 5 international trios from the American continent’s biggest national teams.