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Top 5 Kopa Trophy options that were better than De Ligt

Matthijs De Ligt
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It’s time for us to talk about the Top 5 youngsters who would’ve been a better Kopa Trophy recipient than Matthijs De Ligt. 

Although Matthijs De Ligt is considered a worthy Kopa Trophy recipient by many, we have a Top 5 of better options for the award.

The Dutch defender had an outstanding 2018-19 season, but he is far from his top form in this new competition.

His first year at Juventus hasn’t been near what he delivered when he was at AFC Ajax, which means he lost dividends.

While this happened, there are at least five young players who could’ve won the award before him without a problem.

We will talk about the Top 5 Kopa Trophy options that were better than Matthijs De Ligt.

We know you might be outraged by our picks, which is why we urge you to give us your opinion in the comment section down below.