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Top 5 La Liga players from the previous weekend in Spain

Luis Suarez
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We go through the Top 5 La Liga best players during the previous weekend in Spanish football, the first weekend of September.

The Spanish La Liga had a very exciting first weekend of September, we are about to talk to you about the Top 5 best players of the fixture.

There were many matches in the country, but the focus was mostly placed in three of them.

One was the Real Madrid vs Granada match, other one was the Real Valladolid vs Atletico Madrid game.

But none of these games was as exciting as the one from Sunday, which was FC Barcelona vs Sevilla FC.

From these three games, the one that Atletico Madrid played against Valladolid was utterly disappointing.

However, the other two matches are where we took all our best players from today’s Top 5 list.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you want to include any other player on the list, drop their names in the comment section down below.