Top 5 La Liga players to watch for next weekend’s activity

4.- James Rodriguez – Real Madrid

After getting injured during the first fixtures of La Liga, James Rodriguez specifically asked Colombia to allow him to remain in Spain.

Raphael Varane, Karim Benzema, Real Madrid

Raphael Varane is inspired by team-mate Karim Benzema

Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane has hailed team-mate Karim Benzema as an inspiration for him due to the striker's "exceptional" longevity.

The idea was to fully recover from the muscular injury he suffered, the plan seems to be working perfectly.

James has been one of the most active players in Real Madrid’s most recent training sessions.

Rodriguez is one of the names that Zidane has in mind for the upcoming match against Levante.

We expect this player to be one of the most active names for Zidane’s commitment at the Bernabeu.


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