Top 5 La Liga players to watch for next weekend’s activity

3.- Joao Felix – Atletico Madrid

Despite his activity with Portugal over the weekend, manager Diego Simeone won’t hesitate to use one of his most talented players for the next game.

Raphael Varane, Karim Benzema, Real Madrid

Raphael Varane is inspired by team-mate Karim Benzema

Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane has hailed team-mate Karim Benzema as an inspiration for him due to the striker's "exceptional" longevity.

Atletico has a very dangerous trip to San Sebastian, where they will face Real Sociedad.

The young buck had a full 90 minutes of game time against Lithuania, he didn’t score any goals but he performed well during the whole match.

It is clear that Atletico Madrid has one of the biggest La Liga revelations of the season.

If Simeone decides to give him some rest, there is a good chance that Felix will still play during the second half against Levante.


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