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Top 5 legendary managers who started their career losing

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Given how much criticism Frank Lampard has been getting, we will tell you about the Top 5 successful managers who also began with a loss.

We really hope Frank Lampard’s first defeat is only bad luck, he can learn from the Top 5 legendary managers who also started their careers in defeat.

The Chelsea coach got a painful 4-0 loss at Old Trafford last Sunday, his players didn’t even know what caused their unexpected result.

But looking at Frankie’s rocky start, we couldn’t help but remember other managers who also started off on the wrong foot and went on to have successful runs in their respective careers.

We will tell you all about the Top 5 managerial stints that started in defeat, but they went on to be successful as time went by.

If you know another coach who deserves a spot on this list, please feel free to add him in the comment section down below.