Top 5 managers who might get sacked during the season

With the new season already underway throughout Europe, it is time to talk about the Top 5 managers who might get sacked.

With a new season un European football underway, we can already tell which managers are starting to struggle and may even get sacked before the end of the year.

There are several of the biggest clubs in the continent that lack the patience of smaller institutions.

ernesto valverde

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These teams don’t have it in them to hold on their coach for an extended period of time, they don’t know how to go through a process.

We would’ve included the managers from Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, but both of them have impressive squads that may save their skin this season and may even fight to win a trophy or two.

Other clubs are not as lucky, which is why we bring you the Top 5 managers who might get sacked before the end of this season.


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