Top 5 matches for this week of February 4 through 10

Time to talk about what’s coming for this week in European football at club level, we will go through the best matches between February 4 through 10.

The upcoming week in European football will be very interesting, we have the start of a major week that will give us 5 very interesting matches from different competitions between February 4 through 10.

Apart from the already interesting West Ham United vs Liverpool from this Monday, we also have some very interesting matches starting on Wednesday that will give us a better idea of the top level of performance we are getting from various squads in the major leagues.

Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid’s most successful manager ever

With the European Supercup victory against Real Madrid, Diego Simeone just became Atletico Madrid's manager with the most trophies in the club's history. This Wednesday...

There is obviously one match that has to be considered above the rest, it will also be one of the first we will watch because it starts on Wednesday but the rest of the games for the weekend will be very interesting as well.

We give you the Top 5 matches to watch for the week between February 4 through 10.


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