Top 5 matches to watch for the next European weekend

As we look ahead for the upcoming weekend that’s coming, we need to talk about the Top 5 European matches to watch ahead.

After a busy European week, we need to go back to basics and talk about the Top 5 matches to watch throughout the weekend.

This time around, there are interesting games all over the continent and picking our favorite was truly difficult.

ernesto valverde

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However, we managed to come up with the most hyped list of games that everybody will enjoy in five different major leagues from this side of the world.

We got a game from the French Ligue 1, another one from the English Premier League, one from the Italian Serie A, one from the Dutch Eredivisie, and another one from the Spanish La Liga.

If you don’t agree with our picks, please feel free to add any match that you are excited to watch this weekend in the comment section down below. We hope you enjoy our picks.


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