Top 5 matches to watch for the next European weekend

2.- Parma vs Juventus

The current Serie A champions begin their journey in the competition without their manager, Maurizio Sarri is currently ill and will miss two matches.

The first one will be a very complicated visit to Parma, where things tend to get very complicated for the Old Lady.

Frank Lampard, Chelsea, Premier League, UEFA Champions League

Lampard is against extra Champions League matches

According to Chelsea's manager Frank Lampard, more group matches would increase the workload of the already-stressed players.

Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to start a new season with the Italian giants, and he will have a massive new roster of players who will try to help him compete for all the titles again this season.

Cristiano is the crown jewel that Juventus has, but there are so many new players who will make this club that much stronger throughout the season.


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