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Top 5 midfielders in the history of Serie A

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1. Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo is the best midfield player Italian football has ever seen!

He has had it all: incredible vision, fantastic passing, pinpoint accuracy in delivering long balls and was one of the best free-kick shooters of his time. Simply, Pirlo was a pure genius.

He started his Serie A career in Brescia and had an unsuccessful two-year spell in Inter.

In 2001 he moved to AC Milan and when he came into his own, Pirlo became the engine of the Rossoneri’s midfield. Pirlo led Milan to two Serie A and Champions League wins, before joining Juventus in 2011.

It was his play and his leadership that turned a Juventus team that had finished seventh the year before his arrival into an unbeaten champion. He won the Serie A in each of the four seasons spent with the Old Lady and moved to the MLS at the very end of his career.

Pirlo is also a 2006 World Cup winner with Italy.