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Top 5 midfielders who could help Ronaldo at Juventus

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1.- Paul Pogba

Recent reports suggest that Cristiano Ronaldo is keen on accepting Paul Pogba back at the club, he would be a much-needed addition to the Italian giants’ midfield.

Maurizio Sarri knows that he needs a player like Paul in order to become more competitive in the UEFA Champions League.

The French midfielder is currently recovering from an injury at Manchester United, but he is set to return at the start of 2020.

This is a player who could play the competition because the Red Devils are not part of it this year, he would make a perfect addition to the squad.

We already know that Ronaldo would love having him around, which is always a good motivation. 

Which of these midfielders would help Ronaldo the most at Juventus? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.