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Top 5 moments from midweek’s action in European football

Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo
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After a busy week in European football, we look at the Top 5 most unforgettable moments from midweek’s action on the continent. 

It’s safe to say that after this midweek’s action in European football, we can make a Top 5 list of the best moments that we experienced.

There was activity in all the major competitions and some domestic cup action that is worthy of appreciation.

We had interesting games in the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, and we had some very interesting Carabao Cup matches in England.

Out of all the games, we had activity from FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United vs Chelsea, and Liverpool vs Arsenal.

Thrilling events took place in all those matches, and we are going to rank every single one of them from least exciting to most exciting.

We have all kinds of interesting events, both collective and individual that we will analyze here. 

5.- Luis Suarez’s new milestone for Barcelona. 

Even though we might’ve been eclipsed by the other major event in FC Barcelona’s match against Real Valladolid, Luis Suarez also accomplished something important.

Before the game started, Luis was tied in fourth place with Josep Samitier in Barcelona’s all-time top scorers in all competitions with 184.

His goal left him alone in that spot with only Ladislao Kubala (194), Cesar Rodriguez (232), and Lionel Messi (608).

The only unrealistic number that Suarez won’t reach is Leo’s, but the rest are totally possible. 

4.- Liverpool and Arsenal’s 10-goal thriller. 

We always get impressive results when Liverpool and Arsenal play against each other, especially when they are knock-out stage games.

For this Carabao Cup match, Jurgen Klopp decided to rest all his top players but the ones who got their chance didn’t disappoint.

Despite Arsenal’s impressive five goals, the Reds were able to get through to the next round after a dramatic 10-goal thriller and a penalty shootout.

We hope these two can meet in more knock-out stages in the near future, they always put on a great show for everybody. 

3.- Ronaldo’s last-minute winner vs Genoa.

Although the penalty called against Genoa was controversial, we have to talk about this winning goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese star is still the most important player for his club, and we have a gut feeling that he will keep delivering incredible performances throughout the season.

We don’t know how far can Juventus get in all the competitions, but we believe they will make it far and also win some important trophies.

Ronaldo keeps proving that he is still one of the best despite his age. 

2.- Marcus Rashford’s Ronaldo special. 

Barring the number one spot on this list, Marcus Rashford gets a standing ovation after his exhibition against Chelsea on Wednesday’s football week.

The man scored the first goal for the Red Devils from the spot, and he kept proving that he is back to his best level of performance.

However, the biggest moment was the ridiculous free-kick he scored without question.

In the most Ronaldo-esque fashion, Rashford scored a brilliant set-piece goal that left everybody with their jaws on the floor.

We hope that we can get to see more performances like that in the upcoming matches, Manchester United needs the best Marcus Rashford they can get. 

1.- Lionel Messi’s exhibition against Valladolid. 

We were all waiting for the moment that Leo Messi could finally tell us that he is back from his holiday, he took a few months to make his football comeback a reality.

His performance against Valladolid is a prelude of what we can expect from him throughout the season.

Two goals, two assists, and two beautiful nutmegs were the cherry on top of Barcelona’s victory against Real Valladolid.

On top of all that, Leo got the great news of his return to the Argentina National Team after a suspension he got during the previous Copa America. 

Which was your favorite moment from this midweek’s action in European football? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.