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Top 5 most controversial Lionel Messi moments


“Can Messi be suspended for acting?”

Jose Mourinho, Lionel Messi
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Putting Jose Mourinho and Lionel Messi together usually does spring something juicy out of the bag.

And their first meeting in a Champions League match between Chelsea and Barcelona in 2006 was exactly that.

The then-Blues boss blamed Messi for Asier del Horno’s dismissal just eight minutes before half-time.

The Spanish full-back had trouble keeping Messi in check during the game, with the teenage Barcelona star making light work of him. Therefore, Del Horno whacked the little Argentine shortly before his dismissal.

Then, for whatever reason, he threw himself at Messi and earned himself a red card.

But Mourinho had none of it and called out Messi.

“How do you say cheating in Catalan?” Mourinho asked reporters.

“Can Messi be suspended for acting?

“Barcelona is a cultural city with many great theatres and this boy has learned very well. He’s learned play-acting.”