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Top 5 most controversial Lionel Messi moments


Spitting at Duda in a La Liga match

Lionel Messi, Duda
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Not many people will remember this, but there was a time that Pep Guardiola was disappointed in Messi.

It came in a La Liga match in 2008, when Messi lost his temper and spat at Malaga winger Duda.

The Argentine had a rough time at the Rosaleda Stadium, where the Malaga players man-marked him carefully in some rather torrential conditions. He clashed with Duda on several occasions before finally snapping towards the end.

Just moments after a collision, Messi spat in Duda’s direction as the Malaga player walked away. 

Naturally, this caused quite an uproar in Spain with then-Barcelona coach Guardiola having to condemn his star man.

“It is not right that these sort of things can happen,” said Guardiola.