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Top 5 most controversial manager sackings in history

worst manager sackings
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Who do you think didn’t deserve the sack? Check it out as we go through the Top 5 most unfair manager dismissals in football.

Like everything in life, football has its downsides as many will discover in this worst manager sackings’ list.

They have to be tactically astute, a motivator, communicator, intelligent and have the squad’s respect. Most importantly, though, winning matches consistently is a must no matter who the coach may be.

But sometimes even victories and league titles are not enough to please the club supporters and owners. Ernesto Valverde recently found out this one at Barcelona.

Because of the insane amount of cash being pumped into clubs, firing managers has become a common practice everywhere. Sometimes, however, these decisions have been downright stupid.

So with this in mind, we give you the Top 5 most controversial manager dismissals in the world of football.