Top 5 most disappointing clubs in Europe so far

It’s time to discuss which clubs in Europe have been the biggest disappointments this season, we’ll talk about the Top 5 Leagues for this season.

Before the current season started, we all had an idea of which clubs would at least compete for all the titles or remain competitive against their rivals in Europe but many of them were very disappointing.

Getafe CF v Real Madrid CF - La Liga

Top 10 transfer rumors from the past week

Time to look into the most interesting transfer rumors from the previous seven days and list the top 10.

We are talking about the clubs that failed to get the results they were expecting according to either the money they spent or the expectation they drew from their promises, these are the most disappointing clubs of the season in Europe so far.

We are talking about the Top 5 list of clubs, but feel free to add any club you want to this list in the comment section down below.


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