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Top 5 most dramatic career revivals in recent times

Top 5 most dramatic career revivals in recent times, footballers
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Check out the top 5 most recent footballers to revive their careers when they were seemingly on the brink of extinction.

Throughout history, there have been countless footballers on the brink of career extinction. People wrote these men off for various reasons, only to see them launch an unlikely comeback.

Of course, reviving a career is easier said than done. Talent alone will only take you so far, the rest depends on ones mentality, luck, and making the right decision at the right time. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many players falter in this aspect.

The most recent one is perhaps Mario Balotelli, whose career has fallen wayside following some disappointing spells across Europe. But we’ve also seen several reboot their careers in triumphant fashion.

So, without further ado, Ronaldo.com lists the top 5 footballer careers revived against all odds.