Top 5 most efficient Serie A transfers this season

Time to discuss transfers from the 2018-19 season in Serie A, we will tell you which were the Top 5 most efficient arrivals of the tournament.

Now that a full Serie A season is close to an end, we can already start talking about the best and worst transfers of the season.

We are going to start with the players who came last summer and made a positive impact on Italian football.

Marotta confirms Inter is hunting for two strikers

Inter Milan president, Beppe Marotta, has admitted his club needs more elements in the attack for the 2019-2020 Serie A season.

You already know which player will certainly be a part of this list but we may surprise you with a few more names.

We have decided to create a list of five players for your enjoyment, a Top 5 list of the most efficient transfers of the 2018-19 Serie A season.

Feel free to comment on the players you think deserve a place on this list or the ones that deserve a better position. Here we go.


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