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Top 5 most expensive substitutes in European football

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It’s about time we talked about the rejects from each squad in European football, the Top 5 most expensive replacements out there. 

The fact that every player from this Top 5 list isn’t playing too often isn’t related to their quality, they are the most expensive replacements in European football.

When their respective clubs decided to buy them from their former institutions, their idea was to improve the squad with their presence.

However, every club that makes a major investment needs to put their asset through an adaptation process.

In some of these cases, the players in question arrived last summer. However, there are some footballers who simply aren’t having the best time at their clubs right now.

We will explain each case in detail, and we will tell you the reason they aren’t having a more prominent role within their club.

We give you, the Top 5 most expensive replacements in European football right now.