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Top 5 most important moments in Ronaldo Nazario’s career

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Let’s talk about the most important moments in Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario’s career, the most defining moments of his brilliant career.

Very few people will dispute that Ronaldo Nazario is one of the best strikers in football history, he’s had several important moments that have defined his career and even placed him at the very top amongst the best players who ever lived.

As a celebration of his many exploits as a professional player, we have decided to talk about the Top 5 most important moments of his career.

We will talk about both the good and the bad moments, they were equally important and essential to understanding this legend’s path to becoming one of the best players in the history of this beautiful game.

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5.- Scoring 47 goals in a single season.

When he moved from PSV Eindhoven to FC Barcelona, Ronaldo Nazario was already scoring a staggering number of goals per tournament.

Just during his first season in European football, the Brazilian youngster netted an impressive 35 goals in 36 matches with the Dutch club and this gave him a chance to play at FC Barcelona.

When he started playing for the Catalan club, we were able to see the man’s most prolific year as he scored an incredible 47 goals in 49 matches throughout all competitions.

This was by far, the best Ronaldo Nazario we ever saw and we weren’t going to see him at this level of performance again.

4.- His first knee ligament injury.

After only one season at FC Barcelona, major differences with the club’s board of directors pushed him out of the Catalan club and he decided to play for Internazionale Milano in Italian football.

His first season was equally as impressive after scoring 34 goals in 47 matches and winning the UEFA Cup with the Italian club, but the man was about to suffer a career-threatening injury that changed his life forever.

It happened during a match against Lazio, Ronaldo made a dribble and immediately screamed in pain as his knee’s ligament completely broke.

The images of Ronaldo crying will go down as one of the saddest moments in football history, people around the world suffered watching this.

3.- Getting a standing ovation at Old Trafford.

If you ask any professional football player about the biggest compliment they can get, almost every one of them will tell you that getting a standing ovation as a visitor is right up there among the biggest honors.

Ronaldo Nazario experienced this during his Real Madrid era, it happened at Old Trafford right after eliminating Manchester United in the Champions League with a hat-trick scored by him.

The player left the pitch during the season half and all the stadium stood up to greet him like a champion, truly one of the biggest moments of his career.

2.- Winning 2 Ballon d’Or Awards.

Before the Messi and Ronaldo era, the world was going through a dry era in which we no longer saw players winning more than one Ballon d’Or.

The last player who did this was Marco van Basten with three, but Ronaldo Nazario became the first one to win two in 2002 after winning the World Cup with Brazil.

No other player won more than one of these prizes until Messi and Ronaldo entered the scene, something that makes the Brazilian striker a unique talent in football history.

1.- Coming back from the injury to win the World Cup.

This one is by far the biggest moment in Ronaldo Nazario’s career, the player was coming out of a long hiatus after suffering his knee ligament injury and he scheduled his return to the 2002 World Cup after nearly two years without playing football.

Nobody had Brazil among the favorites to win the competition but Ronaldo scored an impressive 8 goals in the competition, which was more than enough for his national team to win their fifth World Cup in history.

Right after scoring the two goals against Germany in the final and leaving the pitch, Ronaldo started sobbing like a little boy because he knew that he finally overcame the many obstacles that life had given him.

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