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Top 5 most influential Premier League strikers in history

Sergio Aguero
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Time to talk about the five most influential strikers in Premier League’s history, the players who made the biggest impact in modern English football.

The Premier League is the youngest of the five top European Leagues in football today, this competition has given us some of the most amazing strikers that the country has ever seen and remains as one of the most competitive tournaments in the world.

It was nearly 27 years ago when the old English First Division changed its name and its format, a new competition that changed the world of football forever took its place and nothing would be the same ever since.

From the very inception of this tournament, there have been a large number of strikers who have come to leave their mark but there are five specific players who are considered the most influential in Premier League history.

Having the biggest impact as a striker on the league doesn’t necessarily mean that these players are the all-time top scorers of the competition, it only means that they have an┬áindelible mark in English football forever.