Top 5 most overrated active players in modern football

3.- Gareth Bale

Opinion: Real Madrid’s poor season is not Zidane’s fault

We need to talk about the reasons we believe that Zinedine Zidane is not guilty of Real Madrid's latest bad results during the end...

You can say whatever you want about Gareth Bale’s heroics for both his club or country, but those damn injuries have always kept him one step behind the best players in the world and he is close to leaving Real Madrid because the club is tired of waiting for him to reach his true potential.

Regardless of the important goals he’s scored for Los Blancos throughout the years, being at a high level of performance for three months out of the whole season isn’t good enough for a club like Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale is perhaps one of the biggest disappointments in regards to the price that the club paid for him, they will rest easier once they’ve sold him to the highest bidder next summer.


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