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Top 5 most overrated footballers of the year 2019 so far

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1.- Neymar

It’s safe to say that Neymar has suffered the worst two years of his life since he arrived at PSG, 2019 has been no different for him so far.

We know he has the talent to be the best player in the world, but his decisions are what earned him the first spot on this list.

If he doesn’t change his philosophy, there is a good chance that Neymar could jeopardize his professional career and throw away the effort of the people that surround him.

This summer is one of the last chances that football will give to Neymar, there won’t be another one and he better take it now.

There is a lot of work he needs to do in order to convince the fans that he is worthy of recognition again. Can he pull it off?

Which of these players is 2019’s most overrated in your opinion? Please share your views in the comment section down below.