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Top 5 most shocking Premier League exits so far

during the Premier League match between Huddersfield Town and Everton at John Smith's Stadium on April 28, 2018 in Huddersfield, England.

Now that the Premier League transfer window has closed, we will talk about the Top 5 most shocking exits so far in English Football.

The Premier League transfer window is now closed and nobody can make any purchases, but we still have to talk about the most shocking exits in the tournament that few people expected. Despite the buying market for all the Premier League clubs is now closed, other teams in Europe can still buy players from England and we are all expecting two specific deals to be announced. The first exit people are expecting is Eden Hazard’s to Real Madrid, the Belgian winger has been linked to Los Blancos for the last month and there is a real possibility of him leaving Chelsea before August 31st. The second exits everybody is expecting is Paul Pogba’s from Manchester United, the French World Champion doesn’t want to stay with the Red Devils and is expecting either a Barcelona or a Juventus offer to come through. But in the meantime, we’ll talk about the most shocking Premier League exits we know about.

1.- Thibaut Courtois.

The Belgian goalkeeper was announced by Real Madrid last Wednesday, he has been searching for an exit from Chelsea for the past year and now that Antonio Conte is no longer his manager things got a lot easier for him. His Atletico Madrid past was not an obstacle that could prevent him from becoming a Merengue player, there is proof of Courtois’ love for Real Madrid since he was a little kid and he will have no problem with all the Colchonero fans hating him for it. This transfer shocked everyone because Keylor Navas was already in the goalie position, Courtois arrival means more competition for the Costa Rica international and never backs down from any challenge.

2.- Riyad Mahrez.

This was arguably the most unexpected transfer in the Premier League this summer, mainly because few could predict which would be the club that finally convinced the Algerian international to leave Leicester City. At the end it was Pep Guardiola the one who could talk him into the idea of becoming a Citizen, he did it even if that meant that Mahrez would play a lot less than he did with the Foxes. Mahrez is one of the most exciting attacking midfielders in English football today and has even more room for improvement, Pep Guardiola is very happy with this new arrival because he knows the squad will become even more competitive than last season.

3.- Wayne Rooney.

It’s hard to believe that just a little over a year ago, Wayne Rooney still was a Manchester United player and a bonified legend of the Premier League. The English striker’s prestige fell all the way to the bottom after he decided to make a switch to Everton, the first ever club in which he debuted as a professional football player. But Wayne Rooney is quite finished at the highest level in English football, week after week he kept proving his critics right and eventually he wasn’t able to withstand the pressure of living up to the legend status he had in the Premier League. It’s sad to see one of the all-time great go in that fashion, but Rooney deserves a proper retirement earning a ton of cash and that translates into MLS club DC United. It’s still weird to see Rooney wearing an MLS shirt, but we’ll get used to it in time.

4.- Touré Yaya.

Even if we knew that Toure Yaya would eventually retire from Manchester City with all the honors due to his impressive career with the Citizens, it’s still hard to understand the many problems that the Ivorian midfielder had with Pep Guardiola. There was even a recent episode with the press, in which Toure accused Pep of being racist and Guardiola responding in a negative manner to such grave accusations. The fans wanted Toure to stay in the club for a few more years, but Pep had other plans and executed them as he saw fit without even batting an eyelid with the player’s whole situation. We may never know what really happened between the two, but whatever it was must have been very serious.

5.- Daley Blind.

In a complicated season for Manchester United during this transfer window, it’s hard to understand why Jose Mourinho allowed the exit of one of the few defenders he had from the team. Blind gladly accepted the terms of Ajax and never looked back after that, leaving Manchester United’s defensive problems in an even worse situation than we could anticipate. Now that the transfer market is closed for all English clubs, there is no other option for Mourinho but to look at the youth division and hope for a top class discovery to occur. But with the way everything is going for the Portuguese manager, we can’t really expect much from the Red Devils this season performance-wise.

What other Premier League exits shocked you the most this summer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.