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Top 5 most talented Argentine players in Football History

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We start a new series of the best five players from each country, the first one we will tackle is Argentina and their Top 5 most talented Argentine players of all time.

I decided to make a Top 5 list of the most talented Argentine players in Football history. I’ve gone through several sources who are specialized in football from that South American country and came up with the ultimate list of players who are considered the best in Argentina’s history. I’ve always liked to rank my players as a football enthusiast, I’ve always liked to see the many differences and nuances that exist between players from different countries and make an attempt to identify their more characteristic skills depending on their country. This is how I stumbled upon a habit that I have of thinking about the best players from each country, something that has become very useful and the people who feel passion for football as I do tend to appreciate. Today I’ve decided to start a new series in which I can rank the best five players from each country, I decided to start with Argentina because of the never-ending debate that exists within the country about who is better between Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.

1.- Diego Maradona.

If you travel to Argentina and ask anyone over the age of 25 who the best player ever is, they will probably slap you on the face and tell you that Maradona is the obvious answer. The impact that Diego made in his country when he won the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and the football he played for Napoli during that era, perfectly sums up the way in which Maradona is revered still to this day. For the people from Argentina, there is no contest with anyone, Diego is their biggest champion and there is nothing we can say or do to change that. The people from Argentina even made a church in his name, they regard him as a god in some parts of his country. Crazy right?

2.- Lionel Messi.

To the rest of the world who have been able to enjoy Lionel Messi throughout his career, the Barcelona star is way above Diego Maradona as the best Argentine who ever played the game. There is no chance in hell that the former Napoli idol could ever get the stats that Leo does week after week for Barcelona, the problem is that Messi never won a major trophy for Argentina and his compatriots will never forgive him for that. It’s really hard to understand why so many people criticize Messi for this, because not being able to win anything for his country is not really his fault as this is a team sport and he never had a great squad to play around his talent. But we understand why the Argentines would choose Diego over Leo, but this doesn’t take anything from the Barcelona stars incredible career.

3.- Alfredo di Stefano

The first of the two biggest Real Madrid stars who was born in Argentina but became an international icon during the decade of the 50’s, Don Alfredo di Stefano was the first player who epitomized what a true professional athlete was back in those days. But even if his fame was already great around the world, it can’t even compare to the talent that he was inside a football pitch. His incredible skill is what gave Real Madrid the first five European Cups in football history, he is the reason Los Blancos is considered the most successful club in world football and the one who set the basis for the giant club that we know today. Di Stefano played for many national teams throughout his career, but he was born in Argentina.

4.- Jose Manuel Moreno

Better known as ‘El Charro’, this is Argentina’s first huge star in the country’s history. Unfortunately for us, he existed between the decades of the 40’s and 50’s and there was very little evidence of his talent because matches weren’t transmitted on television at that time. But if you ask around between all the football historians from Argentina, they will tell you amazing stories about this man’s talent and how incredible he was with the ball on his feet. Even Don Alfredo di Stefano spoke about Moreno’s skills, for he played alongside the legendary River Plate legend during his beginnings as a professional before he came to Europe and played for Real Madrid.

5.- Juan Roman Riquelme.

Out of all the players from this list, there is only one that has more fans than Diego Maradona in a specific club. Juan Roman Riquelme is the biggest Boca Juniors idol and the greatest player Argentina had before Lionel Messi became a professional, the two stars did play together during Lio’s first years as a pro but many of us still wonder how Argentine could’ve performed if Riquelme was a little bit younger and more contemporary to Messi. During his spell in European football, Riquelme played incredibly with Spanish club Villarreal but he didn’t really win any titles or made the same kind of impact that he did during his time at Boca. Still to this day, Juan Roman Riquelme is regarded as the Bosteros’ biggest star and it’s easy to know why if you look at some videos of him during his prime.


Which other Argentine names would you add to this list of the most talented players from Argentina in Football history? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.