Top 5 most talented Brazilian players in La Liga’s history

24 Oct 2000: Rivaldo of Barcelona celebrates his dramatic last minute equaliser during the UEFA Champions League match against Leeds United played at Elland Road, in Leeds, England. The match ended in a 1-1 draw. Mandatory Credit: Clive Mason /Allsport

Let’s follow up on La Liga’s Top 5 most talented Brazilian footballers in the history of the game, the biggest names from that South American country.

Alongside Argentina, Brazil is the country that provides the highest amount of footballers to every European league in the continent and La Liga is no exception with several of the best Brazilian players in history who played in Spain.

Due to the more open and Latin aspect of the game in Spanish football, its nature is one of the major reasons why Brazilian players possibly try to always play in that country.

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Unlike the overly defensive Serie A or the always intense Premier League, La Liga offers a very different playground that Brazilian players see as a paradise for developing their best football.

This is why we believe that the Top 5 most talented Brazilian players in La Liga’s history are one of the most interesting we have done, these are some of the best players in the competition’s history.


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