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Top 5 most talented Dutch players in Football History

Marco van Basten
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It’s time to take a closer look at the Netherlands and their endless talent pool, we will tell you who the most talented Dutch players in Football History are.

As we follow up on this series, we are about to talk about the Top 5 most talented Dutch players in Football History. There are many illustrious players that the Netherlands have produced since the late sixties, a breed of players who are naturally talented for attacking purposes and have given us some of the most spectacular European talents the world has ever seen. It’s weird to think that despite having produced so many incredible players throughout history, Holland was only able to win a single major trophy back in 1988 when they conquered the European Championship. It’s even crazier to think that their most celebrated player of all time was never able to win a single major trophy for his country, but that takes nothing away from the invaluable contribution that Dutch players have given to this beautiful sport. It’s time to tell you all about the Top 5 most talented Dutch players in football history.

1.- Johan Cruyff.

Modern offensive football simply could not be understood if it wasn’t for him, Johan Cruyff started influencing the game since he was a player and became the most spectacular offensive star from his generation. Cruyff had the bad luck of playing in the same era as the best defender in football history, his battles against Franz Beckenbauer and Germany are the stuff of legend. He didn’t win a major trophy with the Netherlands simply because he was unlucky, but Johan Cruyff was the purest representation of football at the time. His experience later transformed him into one of the game’s biggest teachers, that eventually brought us the FC Barcelona that we all know today. Perhaps Johan is the single most influential football personality of all time.

2.- Marco Van Basten.

The “Swan from Utrecht”, Marco Van Basten is the most elegant representation of what a central striker should be in today’s football. His time at AC Milan and with the Holland National Team right before the nineties started will remain in everyone’s memory for life, he is one of the main responsible for ending Diego Maradona’s reign in Serie A with Napoli and perhaps one of the most acrobatic strikers in football history. With his national team, Marco was able to win the only major trophy Holland ever won in the 1988 European Championship. Sadly for everyone at the time, an injury was the reason he retired from football before he turned 30.

3.- Ruud Gullit.

The other virtuoso from Holland in the late eighties, Ruud was the player who served most of the assists to Marco Van Basten and arguably the most creative player of his generation. He was even more important than Marco during that 1988 European Championship with his goals and assists, and he also won many trophies as a key player in Arrigo Sacchi’s legendary AC Milan side. He formed an amazing midfield alongside Frank Rijkaard and always proved to be a very charismatic player. Today Gullit remains an ambassador for FIFA, he shows up in every award ceremony as well as UEFA draws for the biggest competitions in the world of football. A true Dutch legend of the game.


4.- Dennis Bergkamp.

We’ve already spoken about this incredible striker in our Premier League Legends series, Dennis Bergkamp may never have won a trophy for his country, but he always made all his compatriots proud for his incredible talent to score goals. His biggest moment for the Netherlands was also discussed by us, that amazing solo goal against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup will stay in our memories forever and was more than enough to earn him a spot on this list. Bergkamp may be the player with the best ball control from this prestigious list, just watch a few videos of his many ball receptions and you will understand why we are telling you this.

5.- Arjen Robben.

Following with the tradition of never being able to win a major trophy with Holland, winger Arjen Robben is the most talented Dutch player of the last decade and he deserves a spot on this list even if he didn’t win that 2010 World Cup. He had a golden opportunity to score the winning goal against Spain in the South Africa final, but he was denied by the legendary Iker Casillas and wasn’t able to complete the feat for his country. At club level, Arjen Robben did become successful as he scored the winning goal for Bayern Munchen in the historic Champions League final that saw the German giants win the treble for the first time in their history back in 2013.

What other players would you add to this prestigious list of Dutchmen? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.