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Top 5 most talented German players in Football history

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Let’s continue with our series and move to Germany, where we are going to talk about the Top 5 most talented German players in Football History.

Following up on our investigation, we looked up among our sources the Top 5 most talented German players in Football History. This list is basically formed between the three biggest generations that have graced us in football history, but we do have to say that the most impressive one out of the three is the one from the 1970’s because they managed to defeat Johan Cruyff’s historical Netherlands national team during that time in which they dominated offensive football. Germany is one of the biggest nations in football, they have a very characteristic style of play, which relies a lot more on their tactical abilities and their physical rather than their technical skills, unlike other nations that have Latin blood running through their veins.

1.- Franz Beckenbauer.

Arguably the best defender in football history, Franz Beckenbauer is without question the biggest name in German football history. Even though he was a defender during his career as a player, his influence in the game reached levels that were good enough to stop the legendary Johan Cruyff Netherlands national team. As a player he won a historic three consecutive European Cups for Bayern Munchen, then with his country the European Championship and the FIFA World Cup. Regarded as the ultimate skipper of all time, Franz will be remembered forever as one of the best players in football history and the best ever in his position as a central defender.

2.- Gerd Müller.

As we live in the era of the super strikers like Messi and Ronaldo, German forward Gerd Müller was one of the very first offensive players who was able to score inhumane amounts of goals per season. With Bayern Munchen, he became one of the club’s biggest legends and he also won the same trophies as Franz Beckenbauer did, they were THE dynamic duo of the seventies. Müller kept the record of most goals scored in a single natural year with 75, until Lionel Messi scored 91 in 2012 and finally gave rest to the dilemma of who would be the player that could break it.

3.- Lothar Matthaus.

Diego Maradona said it, Lothar Matthaus was the Argentine’s biggest rival throughout his career, he was the one who could take Argentina’s third ever World Cup title in the 1990 tournament celebrated in Italy. Matthaus is considered today, as the most impressive box-to-box midfielder of all time because of his versatility. Playing for all the clubs that he did, this legend evolved his game and dominated several aspects of the game as both a defensive and offensive player. There are only three players in football history who can say that they played five World Cups, Lothar Matthaus is one of them and he will forever be remembered for it.

4.- Miroslav Klose.

The German striker who became a legend in the Brazil 2014 World Cup, Miroslav Klose is far from being one of Germany’s most prolific strikers and he didn’t really win that many titles during his career. But there is one record he holds that gives him this spot as one of the greatest German players who ever lived, he was able to surpass Ronaldo Nazarios’ all-time top scorer record during the last World Cup and only eight years after the Brazilian was able to get past Gerd Müller’s own record. It seems like this distinction is reserved only for German players, which says a lot about their history and personality as athletes in this beautiful sport.

5.- Phillipp Lahm.

The last German skipper who had the privilege of lifting a World Cup for his country, Phillipp Lahm has one of the most impressive careers in modern football and is one of those players who never moved from his long life club. With the German national team he always was close to getting a title, which he finally achieved in the 2014 Brazil tournament after his side defeated Argentina in a dramatic final. Lahm is also known for his capability to morph his position depending on which manager coached him, he first started as a full-back but then moved to the midfielder spot and performed just as well. This skipper will forever be remembered for his dedication, talent, and hard work in service of Germany.

Which names do you think deserve to be on this list of all-time German footballers? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.