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Top 5 most talented Spanish players in Football History


Let’s follow along with our series and talk about the Top 5 most talented Spanish players in Football History.

Talking about the most talented Spanish players in Football History will be a bit easier than the first two entries on this series, mainly because a large number of the names who are part of this list are part of Spain’s golden generation. But we have to set the record straight about one thing, that unique generation of players has so many talented individuals that all of them should be on this list, but that wouldn’t be fair to the other two names from this list who can arguably be considered among the Top 100 list of the best players of all time. So we have given them three spots of this list for that golden generation that won two European Championships and one World Cup to represent them all, the other two spots were saved for the other two incredible names that changed football for Spain in a fundamental way.

1.- Andres Iniesta.

Already considered the best Spanish player of all time, Andres Iniesta fights for the position as one of the most exquisite midfielders in football history and he always backed his talent with football or titles. During that Spain golden generation, Andres Iniesta was the one player that everybody aspired to become and the one that always set a positive example in Spanish society. Today he plays the very last years of his career in Japan, but still to this day, Andres Iniesta is one of those footballers that gets cheered wherever he goes and that is a feat that very few players in history were able to accomplish.

2.- Xavi Hernandez.

The Catalan midfielder who helped revolutionize modern football, the main responsible for Spain and Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona’s famous tiki-taka style. Xavi Hernandez may not get that recognition he truly deserves in football history because Andres Iniesta played at the same time he did, but Xavi influence in the game is greater than any of the names on this list and that’s the reason he gets the number two position. Xavi is one of those rare talented midfielders who had the capacity to make his squads play at the tempo he marks, that is a skill that almost no one ever had in football and he perfected it during his amazing career.

3.- Raul Gonzalez Blanco.

Before that Spain golden generation, there was an amazing striker who faithfully represented what Spanish football was all about, Raul completed one of the most impressive careers in history for a single club and he was able to be part of one of the three most successful eras of Real Madrid. During his time playing for Los Blancos, Raul became the club’s all-time goal scorer before Cristiano Ronaldo arrived and he won three European Cups in which he was a key player for every single one of them. Raul is also a prime example of what a professional player should be, it’s a bummer he was born a bit earlier than the golden generation because he deserved to win all those trophies with his national team.


4.- David Villa.

Currently the all-time goal scorer for Spain with 59 scored goals, David Villa was the tip of the spear for that amazing generation of players that won three back-to-back major trophies between 2008 and 2012. Villa still plays in the MLS today and remains as one of the most beloved players in Spanish football’s history, during his prime there was simply no stopping David Villa. His best moments in football were obviously with the national team, but he also succeeded at club level Playing for FC Barcelona where he won the 2011 Champions League and even scored a goal in the final against Manchester United. Villa is among the best strikers in Spanish football’s history.

5.- Luis Suarez.

One of the biggest legends of the game in Spanish football, Luis Suarez was one of football’s best players during the sixties decade and became the first major Spanish world-class player in history. He still remains as the only player from Spain who has won the Ballon d’Or in 1960, he was the top player of the squad that won the first ever European Championship for Spain back in 1964 and also became an integral player of the Internazionale Milano side that won two consecutive European Cups between 1963 and 1965. There is no understanding of Spanish football’s old history without having to study Luis Suarez’s career, the man is still alive and kicking at 83 years of age.


Which names do you think deserve to be on this list of amazing Spanish football talents? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.