Now that we know about Jose Mourinho’s intentions, it’s time to discuss which Top 5 National Teams would be a perfect fit for the Portuguese manager.

Jose Mourinho just revealed his plans to continue his career as a manager, he just told the world that he may already be thinking about coaching a National Team.

This gave us the idea to talk about the possibilities he actually has to make it happen, a Top 5 squads that he could actually manage.

The options are slightly limited for the Portuguese manager considering that many national teams don’t actually accept foreign coaches.

Jose Mourinho

Glen Johnson feels Mourinho won’t take Arsenal job

Jose Mourinho's former Chelsea assistant coach Glen Johnson does not believe Mourinho would consider managing the Gunners.

However, there is an interesting number of squads that don’t really mind it due to various reasons.

The more traditional top teams are not very inclined to accept a manager from another country, such as Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Germany or France.

We will give you a list of teams that wouldn’t mind having Jose Mourinho on their list of possible candidates for the future.


  1. Greece. Parking the bus all the way. And currently the Greeks are looking for a new coach. Good for Jose to test the waters a little bit. Where if he fails he won’t be critisized by the international community due to the disastrous last 5 years this squad has had. But if he gets them to a big competition again, oh boy his stock will shoot right back up again!


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