Top 5 National Teams that Jose Mourinho could manage

5.- Colombia


Mourinho values teaching more than his titles

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho used to work as a physical education teacher, and he loved teaching more than he loves the titles he has won in football.

This squad already has a Portuguese manager in Carlos Queiroz, they wouldn’t mind having one of the best in the business in the future if the current option doesn’t work.

In fact, Colombia is very limited in regards to local managers who have the proper quality to take the squad through major tournaments.

The last manager who coached them is from Argentina, they are used to bringing people from other countries in order to elevate the team’s level of performance.

Jose Mourinho could actually be a great choice for them in the future, the man just has to wait for his ideal opportunity to take the job.


  1. Greece. Parking the bus all the way. And currently the Greeks are looking for a new coach. Good for Jose to test the waters a little bit. Where if he fails he won’t be critisized by the international community due to the disastrous last 5 years this squad has had. But if he gets them to a big competition again, oh boy his stock will shoot right back up again!


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