Top 5 National Teams that Jose Mourinho could manage

4.- Uruguay

jose mourinho, manchester united

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With Oscar Washington Tabarez entering his final years of a prolonged tenure with the Uruguay National Team, he may need some rest after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Jose Mourinho would love a crack at coaching this squad because it has all the elements that he loves from any squad, these are warriors that never give up regardless of their position.

Jose Mourinho has always desired to have a team of 23 warriors under his control, he could take them all the way to win more trophies than they already have.

This manager’s style and the Uruguay players’ DNA are a match made in heaven.


  1. Greece. Parking the bus all the way. And currently the Greeks are looking for a new coach. Good for Jose to test the waters a little bit. Where if he fails he won’t be critisized by the international community due to the disastrous last 5 years this squad has had. But if he gets them to a big competition again, oh boy his stock will shoot right back up again!


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