Top 5 National Teams that Jose Mourinho could manage

1.- Belgium

This actually seems like the most obvious choice for Jose Mourinho to manage in the near future, Robert Martinez looks keen on coaching FC Barcelona sometime soon.

daley blind, manchester united

Blind – “I’m still a United fan”

Daley Blind still follows his old team and admits he is "still a United fan." Blind was brought in to United by fellow Dutchman Louis...

Manager Ernesto Valverde might not get past next season and Martinez already flirted with the Catalan club.

This leaves the door completely open for Jose Mourinho to coach the Belgian Golden Generation.

He already shared time with both Romelu Lukaku and Eden Hazard in two different clubs, which gives him an advantage.

Mourinho is very familiar with Belgian players, he only needs to get a proper working plan for them to remain competitive in the competitions they play.

Which of these National Teams do you prefer Jose Mourinho to manage in the future? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.


  1. Greece. Parking the bus all the way. And currently the Greeks are looking for a new coach. Good for Jose to test the waters a little bit. Where if he fails he won’t be critisized by the international community due to the disastrous last 5 years this squad has had. But if he gets them to a big competition again, oh boy his stock will shoot right back up again!


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