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Top 5 objectives for Atletico Madrid’s 2019-20 season

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Let’s move back to Spain in order to discuss Atletico Madrid’s Top 5 objectives for the 2019-20 season in La Liga and European football.

Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid will have a very challenging 2019-20 season ahead of them, here are the Top 5 objectives for them this year.

The Colchoneros probably weren’t expecting to have so many major changes in their structure, but they will have to deal with them even if they don’t want to.

Manager Diego Simeone is already gearing up for the upcoming La Liga and Champions League seasons, his main target is to be as competitive as they’ve been over the last decade.

However, there are some specific targets that the club needs to meet in order to consider their season successful.

We give you, the Top 5 objectives for Atletico Madrid’s upcoming 2019-20 season.