Top 5 objectives for Manchester United’s 2019-20 season

Let’s continue with the Top 5 objectives for each major club in European football, we have Manchester United next in line for a top list.

With the 2019-20 season about to start, we have to look into the best clubs in European football such as Manchester United.

The Red Devils just came from quite a forgettable season where they won no titles and didn’t even make it to the Top Four.

Josh Kroenke admits Arsenal cannot compete for trophies

The son of the Gunners owner admitted the team needs a whole season to regroup as they want to fight for a chance to win something in England.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did make a great first impression when he took Jose Mourinho’s job as an interim coach, but some of his players let him down near the end of the season.

We will go through the Top 5 main objectives that Manchester United has to complete for the 2019-20 season. Here we go!


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