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Top 5 of Arjen Robben’s career-defining moments

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It’s time to talk about the Top 5 career-defining moments in Arjen Robben’s time as a professional footballer, we’ll discuss his greatest hits right here.

Arjen Robben just announced his definitive retirement from Bayern, this leaves us with one of the most impressive careers in recent memory.

This is possibly the most successful Dutch footballer of the last 20 years, he really did reach unexpected heights during his run.

Out of all the clubs for which he played and his national team heroics, we have to talk about his Top 5 career-defining moments and pay homage to him.

We are going through his most memorable moments for his clubs and his country, it doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative.

Please feel free to add any moment you believe we might’ve missed from this list. We also encourage you to remain civil in the conversation down in the comment section.