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Top 5 most disappointing Brazilian players of all time

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5.- Robinho

When Robinho first started playing football at a very early age for Santos FC, the player started getting dangerously compared with Pele.

This went up to the youngster’s head and he truly believed he was going to become one of the greats.

Everything went overboard when Florentino Perez’s Real Madrid decided to sign him when he was still a teenager, Robinho even made a good impression during his first season.

The problem with this player was always his physicality, he never developed his body as people perhaps expected.

This limited Robinho everywhere he played, a footballer who was never going to reach a potential that never really existed in the cards for him.

Even though he didn´t live up to the expectations, Robinho still lived a prolific career and played for some of the best clubs in the world.