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Top 5 of Carlos Tevez’s career-defining moments 

Carlos Tevez, Boca Juniors
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Let’s take a closer look at the Top 5 career-defining moments from Argentine forward Carlos Tevez, from his time at Boca Juniors to his world tour.

Following along with the third major football star who’s birthday falls on February 5, we give you Carlos Tevez’s Top 5 career-defining moments as a celebration of his 35th lap around the sun.

Arguably one of the most recognized Argentine players around the world, Carlos Tevez was destined to become one of his country’s biggest names and one of Boca Juniors’ idols.

The man has transformed into a real globe trotter as he has played in the professional leagues of Argentina, Brazil, England, Italy, and even China for a little while.

Now that he is back on his beloved Boca, Carlitos has plans of retiring soon after a very successful career in which he has become the idol of almost every club where he has played.

Let’s go through the biggest moments in Carlitos Tevez’s to celebrate this special day for him.