Top 5 of Italy’s biggest hopes for their international future

Time to discuss Italy’s international future, we will talk about the Top 5 new talents who bring about the biggest hope for Italian football’s next decade.

Italy has been under construction for the last couple of years, the new generation has many interesting young players who are Italian football’s biggest hope.

This season has been an eye opener in regards to the most exciting new players who should represent the Azzurri during the next decade.

Jorginho, Italy, Serie A, Chelsea

Jorginho’s agent refuses to rule out Serie A comeback

Jorginho’s agent teased that "anything is possible" in regards to a Serie A return despite having a "positive year" for both Chelsea and Italy.

We decided to make a list of the five most impressive new talents who presented themselves to the world this season and will be Italy’s biggest talents in the future.

Feel free to add any other names that you think deserve to be on this list, we encourage you to discuss in a civilized manner in the comment section down below.


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