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Top 5 of Juventus’ targets for the summer transfer window

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We need to talk about the new Juventus for next season, the Italian club has five targets they will attempt to sign during the next summer transfer window.

As the Juventus camp lick their wounds from getting eliminated in the Champions League this week, the club is already thinking of new targets.

Cristiano Ronaldo knew that not winning the continental competition would be very difficult this season due to how limited the Italian giants are in all their lines.

When the Portuguese player arrived he was promised a competitive squad during the upcoming years in which he will remain at the club.

President Andrea Agnelli already started to look into the next targets for the summer transfer windows.

These players will accompany Ronaldo in the squad and they should be enough for the Italians to win it all in the next few years.

Gazzetta Dello Sport reported on many targets but we’ll add a couple more to this list. All the values from each of these players were taken from Transfermarkt.com.