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Top 5 of Neymar’s most dreadful injuries as a professional

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June 5, 2019. Brazil vs Qatar


We move to last Wednesday with Neymar apparently fully recovered from any type of injury on his right foot.

The player goes through another unfortunate accidental tackle from a Qatar defender and falls on his right ankle one more time.

We could’ve lost count by now because the injuries are so many, but we know it’s already four problems in the same area.

There is still no confirmation of how much time he will miss this time, but Neymar will miss the Copa America this summer.

This man should get a spiritual cleansing before going back to play football again, he has some serious juju problems that are starting to affect his livelihood.

Which of these injuries that Neymar suffered is the most serious one? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.