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Top 5 of Pep Guardiola’s career-defining moments

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Time to discuss the career-defining moments from Pep Guardiola both as a player and a manager, we have a Top 5 list for your enjoyment.

Nobody will dispute Pep Guardiola as one of the best managers in football history, it has taken him only a decade to be considered amongst the all-time greats and we’ve decided to talk about the Top 5 career-defining moments that have transformed Pep Guardiola into the managing powerhouse he is today.

We will pick moments from both his player as well as managerial career, but we are obviously going to talk about the biggest moments he has lived as a coach so far because he’s enjoyed far more success during his tenure as a professional manager than he ever did as a player.

If you believe we didn’t include a moment on this list, feel free to tell us all about it in the comment section down below.