Top 5 of Ronaldinho Gaucho’s career-defining moments

Following along with the festivities of Ronaldinho Gaucho’s birthday, it’s time to talk about the Brazilian’s Top 5 career-defining moments.

Ronaldinho Gaucho’s 39th birthday is today as we have already established, this is a perfect chance to talk in depth about the biggest achievements of his career and what truly defined him as the football legend that he is today.

Because despite not being able to have a long run at the very top, there is nobody who questions Ronaldinho Gaucho as one of the best footballers who ever played this beautiful game.

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We will go through the pivotal moments of his life as a professional, the happy moments that perfectly define what Ronaldinho Gaucho is all about.

We will make a Top 5, but please feel free to add more flavor to this list of moments in the Brazilian magician’s career.


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