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Top 5 of Sergio Ramos’ career-defining moments

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Time to talk about the career-defining moments of Sergio Ramos, one of Spain and Real Madrid’s greatest players in football history.

As a football professional, Sergio Ramos is widely considered one of the most successful players in his country’s history and we have decided to come up with his Top 5 career-defining moments for today’s first list.

Ever since he began his journey as a professional football player, Sergio Ramos started playing as a right-back with a very important level of success but he’s evolved to become one of the best centre-backs in football history.

Ramos is currently Real Madrid’s captain and a true symbol of the Spanish club, he’s won several trophies and he’s been the leader of the squad in the last six seasons.

We give you this Top 5 list of Sergio Ramos’ career-defining moments, but feel free to add one that you believe we missed.