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Top 5 of Sergio Ramos’ most embarrassing records ever

Sergio Ramos, red card
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After another bad display in the Champions League, we look at Sergio Ramos’ Top 5 most embarrassing records of his career. 

Perhaps Sergio Ramos is not happy with the embarrassing records we are about to mention. The Spanish defender might not be the dirtiest footballer in history, but his stats say otherwise. The reason for this is that Ramos tends to lose his head when his side is losing a match.

Apart from the total 26 career red cards he completed today, he has many more that were spared. There have been many times in which he gets away with foul play because he became an expert.

The most usual signature move he has is the elbow to his opponent’s face, that’s how he disoriented Loris Karius in 2018. Out of those 25 red cards with Real Madrid alone, we look at his most embarrassing records ever.