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Top 5 of Serie A’s best players from October’s first weekend

Paulo Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, SPAL
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4.- Franck Ribery – Fiorentina

The French winger appeared to accept Fiorentina’s offer this season because he wanted to retire, but the man is deadly serious about making an impact in Serie A.

Despite the Viola squad not having the best start of the season so far, there is no denying that Ribery is one of the best players in Italy right now.

The only problem that he is suffering is the lack of competitive teammates on his squad, which is something that is completely out of his control.

Franck just received the award as the most valuable player in Serie A’s September month, it is well-deserved.

The Frenchman helped Fiorentina win last weekend against Udinese, he didn’t score the winner but he led his team to victory.