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Top 5 of the best free-kick specialists in football history

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It’s about damn time for us to discuss who the best free-kick specialists of all time are, we are making a Top 5 list of the very best in football history.

Free kicks are an art form in football, they are one of the most underappreciated ways in which the outcome of a game can completely change and we need to talk about the biggest specialists of all time in the form of a Top 5 list.

There have been dozens of world-class players who have completely transformed this practice, but we believe there are five of them who are considered pioneers in their style of striking the ball and they are the ones that we are going to mention on this list.

We are going to leave some great free-kick specialists out of this list, but we are going it because we think that there are five players who are better and came before them with the same style in football history.

We give you our Top 5, enjoy!